By Aisyah Rahim at Monday, April 11, 2011
Hola =)

Last weekend my friends stay at my home for 2 days. We have a very good holiday for last weekend. It seems like a long time ago we don't spend time together like this. We went to night market near my house and shopping together. It was superb feeling you know when you spent your time with your bestfriends. We had chit chat in a dark night before we sleep. Haha. And also do something that we don't aspect like it happened when we was study for a few month ago such as bila u dah landing atas tilam while borak-borak then u told your friend that u are hungry. So, we go to gerai belakang rumah and lepaking just for minum2 and gossiping. It was so awesome rite? I like that moment. Hehe

So, my friends which are Liza and Ismah stay at my home. We had spend so much time. Thanks to Liza for accompany me to Times Square for shopping-shopping and make my self feel happy as well. =) I also spend around hundred for bought those things. But at least I am very satisfy with that.

Before we going back to my home, we try the Fish Spa. Haha. Geli okay. I tak suka masa ikan-ikan tu gigit kaki I. Eeeeeee. Geli sangat. So, here the pictures.

Mine, geli =)

Rasa macam sedih la. Entahla, serabut, messy macam tu. Sigh!!! Berat dah kepala dok fikir. What I think was not so true cause I think I know him better but unfortunately I am not know him better. Penatlah nak serabutkan kepala. Sakit dah tahu. But it just me and Allah knows that.

Notice or not, lately ni I asyik post about feeling. Bored kan. Tapi nak buat macam mana. Don't know how to story but it just happened without I realize.

Whatever it is, yang penting hidup mesti enjoy. That's all. But remember this, even kita sedih, we just act like we always cool, more cooler than water cooler. Haha just kidding.

Tomorrow got teaming with passion. =(

Okaylah, time to going back. Tata.

3 suka menconteng =):

Saya Budak Baik on April 12, 2011 at 11:21 AM said...

banyak benor duit kome yer???? hahaha

Aisyah Rahim on April 15, 2011 at 2:35 PM said...

hahaha..banyaklah sangat kan....

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